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Policy Committee Meeting

Tuesday June 20, 2023


Identified policy initiatives update

    1. Network Access bill
      1. Progress
      2. Discussion
    2. Council funding
      1. Progress
      2. Discussion
    3. rWGS DHS criteria engagement
      1. Progress
      2. Discussion

Relevant policies from other stakeholders

    1. Addition of RDAC membership to Drug Formulary Review Committee
    2. Alternative Payment Methods legislation

Decision points

    1. Scope of Policy Committee
      1. Is “policy” defined as legislative only? (question from workgroup)
    2. Process for identifying Council priority legislation
    3. Process for deliberating on priorities/requests brought to us from PAGs

Approval of previous meeting minutes

Action: Dawn Stenstrom proposed changes of the May 16, 2023 meeting minutes and committee members discussed the proposed revisions.

  • A motion was made by Sheldon Berkowitz and seconded by Barbara Joers to approve the amended minutes from May 16, 2023. All in favor. Roll call vote 6/6.

Patient Advocacy Group listening session overview

  • Dawn Stenstrom gave committee a reminder of the Patient Advocacy Group listening session on June 23, 2023.
  • Group reviewed agenda and the attendance list of those who were invited.

Stake holders / input list and importance rating

  • Committee members deliberated about the style and how to rate input.
  • Discussion on the relevance of where and how input was obtained.

Deliberation Framework

  • Committee discussed the appropriate time frame and process for when to bring meeting decisions to the executive subcommittee and full council.

Members discussed how to triage decision making on policy topics that are presented to the policy committee.   The committee discussed some basic criteria to build out the deliberation framework which would assist in streamlining decision making prior to member voting.

Action items

  • Draft basic decision criteria for discussion at the next meeting

Motion called to adjourn by Dawn Stenstrom at 5pm by Amy Gaviglio and seconded by Sheldon Berkowitz.