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Full Council Meeting

Thursday May 25, 2023


3:00 pm: Call to order-Chair (10 minutes)
ACTION: Approval of January 19th, 2023 meeting minutes
Vote required 

3:10 pm: Executive Director Update (30 minutes)
Executive Branch State Agency: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities
Legislative Debrief, implications to agency growth and focus Discussion

3:40 pm: Committee Reports (60 minutes)
Executive subcommittee
Open Council appointment  

ACTION: ESC recommendation for open pharmacy position
Vote required
Strategic planning next steps
Consultant for governance and strategic planning
Committee and taskforce identification
ACTION: Motion to work under the advisement of the MN Council on Disability, adopt their policies and procedures as the MN Rare Disease Advisory Council deliberates on its own governance structure
Vote required

Policy Subcommittee
Deliberative framework presentation
Council discussion
ACTION: motion to assign policy committee with bringing forth a proposed policy deliberation framework and criteria to full council in a subsequent meeting.
Work groups
Coordination of Care- Roundtable 

4:40 pm: Governance Housekeeping (20 minutes)
Committee member changes update
Attendance policy review
ACTIONS: Nominations of new committee member(s) to Executive subcommittee

5:00 pm: Adjourn

Materials provided

  • January meeting minutes
  • Operating procedures
  • MCD governance documents